PROPAC's Biodegradable Resin

Biodegradable Glue & Varnish

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Biodegradable Mulching Film

Biodegradable Easy-Peel Film

Biodegradable Shrink Wrap

Biodegradable Plastic Tablecloth

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Soft and Hard Products

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Biodegradable Injection Molded Packaging

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Biodegradable Face Mask

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Biodegradable Slippers and Outsoles


PROPAC’s Biodegradable Resin
  • PBA :   Petroleum based biodegradable resin

                that can also degrade in the ocean

  • PBAT : Petroleum based biodegradable resin

                that can degrade quickly in nature

Biodegradable Glue & Varnish 
  • Polymerization of biodegradable ester to produce ester adhesives
  • Can be used to make self-sealing packaging bags
  • Maintains adhesiveness even after use
PROPAC’s Biodegradable Resin (PBAST)
  • PBAST Biodegradable resin developed with ProPac's own technology
  • As a raw material without adding pla, it can be decomposed naturally at room temperature and humidity without a separate composting facility.